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Weekend Downtown Houston Tour With
Tunnel Access


Interested in learning more about why Downtown Houston has been labelled as the "fastest-growing neighborhood" in the city as well as its top architecture, restaurants, and parks? 


Our Downtown Tour is perfect for guests & families of all ages looking to discover what makes Houston the center of business, culture, history & sports in Texas.


Enjoy up-close perspectives of Downtown Houston's hidden gems including the tallest Skyscraper in Texas, newest portion of the most expansive Tunnel System in the United States, and two (2) professional sporting venues as well as Houston's world-class, outdoor dog-friendly Entertainment Mall & Park. Our tour guests will be sure to enjoy some jaw-dropping views and photo-ops while learning about all that Downtown Houston has to offer for its twenty-two (22) Fortune 500 companies and over 65,000 residents. 

Price:                  $28 Per Person

Tour length:        1.5 - 2 hours

Meeting spot:     Inside the Magnolia Hotel                                      (1100 Texas Avenue) 

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