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Explore Houston Like Never Before: City Sights & NASA Adventures Await

Embark on a Guided City Tour

The adventure begins aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned Mercedes Sprinter shuttle van. As you settle into your seat, prepare for a journey through the architectural marvels that define Houston. The city tour is expertly guided, ensuring you receive insightful commentary and engaging stories about the sites you visit.

Houston's skyline is dotted with architectural gems, from the sleek, modernist structures of Downtown to the elegant historical buildings in the Museum District. One of the highlights is the chance to visit an elevated sky garden, offering panoramic views of the cityscape—a perfect spot for photographers and sightseers.

Tour participants of Houston driving tour enjoying themselves exploring the city

The tour also includes stops at significant city monuments and attractions. You'll explore the bustling streets, take in the vibrant local culture, and see firsthand why Houston is affectionately known as Space City. Each stop provides unique photo opportunities, allowing you to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Discover NASA Johnson Space Center

After exploring Houston's urban delights, the tour transitions to an exciting day trip to one of the city's most iconic attractions—the NASA Johnson Space Center. Located just a short drive from Downtown, near the serene waters of Clear Lake, the Space Center is a gateway to the stars.

Interactive Exhibits and Tours

As part of your tour, you'll receive General Admission tickets, which grant access to many exhibits and attractions within the Space Center. From standing beneath the massive Saturn V rocket at Rocket Park to stepping inside a replica of the Space Shuttle Independence at Independence Plaza, the experiences are as educational as they are thrilling. 

Tour participants in a shuttle going to the massive Saturn V rocket at NASA's Rocket Park

The center's offerings are robust, including interactive displays at the International Space Station Gallery, where you can learn about life in orbit and the Artemis program that aims to return humans to the Moon and beyond. The tram tours are a crowd favorite, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at NASA's operational facilities, including the Astronaut Training Center and Mission Control.

Tailored for Comfort and Convenience

Astroville Tours ensures that every aspect of your day is well-planned and comfortable. The shuttle service is luxurious and efficient, minimizing transit time and maximizing enjoyment. You'll have between 4 to 5 hours to explore the NASA Johnson Space Center, allowing you to delve into the exhibits that interest you most at your own pace.

At the end of your visit, the shuttle will whisk you back to downtown Houston, dropping you off at the original starting point. The return journey is timed perfectly to reflect on your day's adventure and plan your next visit.

Perfect for Family and Friends

This tour is ideal for a family outing, a day trip with friends, or even a solo adventure. Whether you're a history buff, a science enthusiast, or simply in love with space exploration, the Houston City Sights & NASA Adventures tour offers something for everyone.

Astroville Tours' combination of local culture, architectural sightseeing, and a deep dive into the wonders of space exploration makes this experience truly unforgettable. So, why wait? Book your tour today and explore Houston like never before! For more information, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our blog for exciting updates and insights.

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