We have implemented several precautions to help stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Any tour booking of six (6) or more people will automatically be scheduled for a private tour (free of charge)

  • Contactless mobile transfer of all tour photos via text within 24 hours of tour conclusion

  • Employees have regular temperature checks before all of our tours

  • Face masks are provided for tour group and are required to be worn by both our employees and guests when indoors excluding bars/restaurants

  • Follow six (6) feet of social distancing throughout all of our tours

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Let Astroville Tours guide your next adventure through Downtown Houston’s coolest, enriching, and historical sites with a unique perspective from two Houstonians newcomers that now call the "Space City" our beautiful city home. We believe in seeing the world in the most unique way possible, and we want to share our knowledge and passion for delicious food, rich culture, and travel with all of those whom we guide. In a city where NASA still has everyone’s heart, let Astroville Tours leave you and your loved ones truly saying “Houston, we have lift off!”  

Houston’s Downtown is not just any ordinary downtown. Along with the 145 different languages spoken in our diverse city, guests will discover the most extensive Downtown tunnel system in the United States offering a plethora of world-class Fortune 500 professional facilities and office headquarters as well as spectacular world-class architecture, fine-dining establishments, and luxurious recreational amenities. Not to mention, Houston is home to many of Texas’ most famous casual dining spots, spectacular professional sporting venues, and jaw-dropping high-rise skyscrapers offering an exceptional experience for business/formal dinners, sports games, banquet events, bachelorette/bachelor parties, wedding/engagement ceremonies, or couples looking to spend a romantic night in the big city. 

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